Research Areas:


The work on a variety of algorithms for sparse and low-rank matrix recovery. Mostly these algorithms are required for our other areas of research - biomedical signal processing, medical image reconstruction, low-rank matrix recovery, hyper-spectral image acquisition and denoising... >>more info

Biomedical Signal Acquisition:

Biomedical signal (EEG, ECG, MEG etc.) acquisition and transmission over Wireless Body Area Networks is receiving a lot of attention lately for its ability to monitor health remotely. The main challenge in this scenario is to reduce the energy cost - so that the WBAN can last longer on a single charge. We work on signal processing techniques that can reduce energy requirements of such systems... >>more info

Collaborative Filtering:

Recommender Systems are virtually present in every eCommerce portal you can think of - Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, eBay to name a few. All these portals employ Collaborative Filtering techniques as the de facto approach for recommending items. We leverage powerful signal processing / mathematical tools to improve recommendation accuracy and robustness... >>more info

Multi-Spectral Imaging:

Once we are outside the optical range, cost of imaging sensors sky-rocket. We work on leveraging signal processing techniques to propose new designs for low-cost multi-spectral cameras. We are working on multi-spectral filter array design to capture multiple bands using the single-sensor architecture. The use of single-sensor can help in reducing the cost and size of multi-spectral cameras while simultaneously eliminating the image registration problem... >>more info

Medical Imaging:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT)- both benefit from recent advances in signal processing. For MRI, these techniques can accelerate MRI scans; for X-Ray CT, signal processing can reduce ionizing radiation, thereby making it safer... >>more info